The Royal Archives

Welcome to the Royal Archives, everyone! In case you didn't figure out who the host of this page is just yet, I am Princess Allura, President of Project LIKE, and Princess of Arus. Here, you will find everything you need to start off your own Lance library! This place will always grow, and I can speak for all the members of LIKE, that we always appreciate contributions and donations to this library! Just e-mail me with the subject "Royal Archives". If it's more than one .WAV file, please zip them. Unless you get my permission, please do not send me any files bigger than 700k, please. ^^ Now I pretty much borrowed all of these pictures from people. My deepest gratitude towards all of you out there that made these pictures! Let's begin!


Lance Solo Pics

The Worst Side of Lance
Another Unflattering Pic
Let's Get Them Out of the Way
Last One
Lance Character Design
Lance Going To Red Lion
The Scene That Made Me Love Lance...
Lance in a Towel
Lance in Uniform, Shocked
Lance Looking Over A Wall
Lance Aggressive
Lance In Uniform Again
Lance Looking Concerned
Lance in Uniform, Character Design
A Very Handsome Pic of Lance
Lance's Really Concerned
Inside the Pit of a Volcano
Another Nice Pic ^^
Lance In the Fog
Lance Calling Out a Command
What's Wrong, Lance?
Lance Pouting
Cute Lance Pic
Lance Super-Determined
Lance From the Ending
Lance In the Fog (Different)
Lance Coming Out of Red Lion
Lance Running Into Shuttle 2
We Love Our Determined Lance!
Really Hot Pic
Lance From Ending (Again)
Lance In Red Lion (Yep, another one!)
Lance: "Let's Go Voltron Force!"
A Real Nice Full-Body Pic
A Lance Foil Card? ^^
Lance and a Civilian
A Nice Lance Facial Pic
A Great Lance Facial Pic
Which Episode is This From?
Lance Winking While in His Lion! NEW!

Lance With A Group

Allura and Lance
Sven, Keith, and Lance
We All Know Bob Could Have Fun With This Pic...^.-
Lance, King Alfor, and Coran

I Wish I Saw This Ep...
Lance and Pidge At Dinner

All the Men
All the Men Leaning Against a Wall
Lance and Hunk At Dinner
Lance With a Gun
Lance Doesn't Have To Hog the Picture To Take Center Stage. ^^
What's This?! Lance vs. Lotor?!
Lance and Pidge
Lance and Pidge (again)
What's With the Silly Grin, Lance?
Another Silly Grin By Lance
Pidge, Lance, and Keith in the Dark
Lance Definitely Has the Nicest Profile. ^^
The Men Are Shocked!
My Personal Favorite Pic. Try to guess why.
Lance Won't Take Any Threats!

Lance in V3D

Allura and Lance
Lance From "Red Lion Breaks Loose"
I Wish I Hadn't Missed This Episode...
...Because I Can't Explain These Pics
Lance in His New Uniform
Lance Looking Peeved

Lance and Amalgamus
What's Going On In This Pic?

Lance Toys

The ORIGINAL Lance Figurine!


Fan Art

Art By

My First Voltron Drawing: Allura and Lance
Allura and Lance (who is blushing. ^^)
The Voltron Force: As a Band! (My favorite drawing I did. ^^)

A Really Cute Pic of Lance and Ally (I mean it. If you don't like adorable, don't look at it.^^)

If You Don't Like The Lance/Ally Pair-up, Don't Click This

Ally Taking the Aggressive Role (Once again, don't look if you don't like the Ally/Lance pairing!)

A Very Romantic Pic Between Ally and Lance (I just noticed...Ally and Lance NEVER kiss in any of my why do I draw it? O.o;)

Ally Laughing While Lance Looks Across the Table At Her.

A Very Dramatic Picture of Allura and Lance...

Another Romantic Kiss
Scenes From Shameless:
Cover For Shameless Chapter Four (It's of Ally only, but hey...)

Page one of the comic strip I drew for a scene in Shameless. (Chapter Four, When Lance is in the computer room)Page 2


Art By

A GREAT PIC! Lance with a Guitar! WROCK ON!
He's So Talented! Lance Winking
A Classic Lance Picture!NEW!
Lance In A Tux NEW!

Art By

Lance Inside Red Lion
Lance Facial Portrait
Lance and Allura

Art By

Lance Has Saturday Night Fever!
Lance Profile

Art By

Lance In An Ice-Skating Outfit

Art By
Glitch Girl

Lance With Red Lion In Background

Art By

A Nice Two-Shot Picture of Lance
Lance Traveling (Inspired While In School)
That Lance is SO Talented...(And So's Shannon! I LOVE This Pic!)

The First Sketch Shannon Sent Me
Art By

Lance and Kat (From an Upcoming Fic By Rae)
It Seems Rae-san has too much time on her hands. ^.-

Special Submission By

Josh Dressed Up As Lance!
Another Pic of Josh As Lance!
Josh (Lance) at Otakon!

Art By
Anita Bath

Lance Looks Hot In This Pic!

Art By
unknown (if you know who did this, please e-mail me!)
Lance and SvenNew!
Another Lance and SvenNew!


Rachel Has Been So Kind As To Make a Project LIKE/Kurogane Isamu ML Archive For All the Lance Fics That I've Been Too Busy/Lazy To Archive! Thanks Rachel! Click the Link Below To Go There!


Sound Files

Lance in Spanish. (Talking with Hunk)

No Gold Star...
To Quote Martha Stewart: "It's A Good Thing"

It's So Sweet It's Sickening!
Lance The Stargazer...*.*
The Robeast Wants To Play Water Polo!
Lance Has Compassion
Don't You Get The Message Yet!?
Now We're Getting Someplace!
Lance Certainly is a Hopeless Romantic ^^
Uh...scratch that.
Ah..if only we could wake up to that voice...
Remember How He Won Us Over In Episode Two?
Lance NEVER Gives Up!
"We're Not Leaving You, Princess."
"Move Outta the Way!"
What Gives Lance the Creeps
Poor Lance....
They're Lucky To Have Me. ^^-*
How About the White Lion Episode?
Lance Gives Ally a Lecture
Got That Tangled Up Feeling?