Damn, everyone's been gettin' sick lately! First Pidge, then Keith, then the Princess, and now Coran! The only ones left are Hunk and me! ...and Hunk never gets sick, so I guess I'm next...

Ever find it funny how utterly pathetic some people get when they're sick?! It doesn't even have to be that bad, and they're helpless!

Keith, for example. We all know him to be Mister Perfect, pulled-together, and as straight as a board. Give him a sore throat and runny nose, and he's as funny as hell. I can't express how great it is have him silent for a change! And when he does speak--just try not to laugh!

The Princess recovered quickly. She's on her feet now, while Keith's still in bed. She slept nineteen out of twenty-four hours each day. Just zonked out. Actually, she's pretty boring when she's sick. Y'can't laugh at her, she just annoys you. She's weepy, whiny, crabby...and at dinner, she'd always complain about the food. `Kinda makes you wanna slap her. (Nanny sure wanted to...)

If you think Pidge couldn't sound more nasal, think again. You should see him with a plugged up head. Poor kid.

Coran just came down with a sinus infection today. He's sleeping now, but an hour ago his sneezing was echoing all through the castle! I was getting such a headache--!

Ally's been playing nurse with `em all, too. Ah~! ::sigh:: Part of me wishes I were sick so I could camp out in bed and be fed chicken soup by the Princess...::brow furrows:: Nah. I'd never want them to see me act as pathetic as those guys...ha!