Note From The President

    Ever have one of those days…where you feel that crazy twitch in your left hand…the twitch that you find so familiar…the one that gets your eyes dialated, and frantically searching for the nearest blue, rolling ball (not ball-point, mind you!) pen?! You insanely pull out your drawers, toss mindless little doo-hickey’s behind your shoulder (which you know Nanny will have a fit about, you just organized your desk last week!!!)…and you finally find it? Your favorite writing pen?

    Now there’s paper! Do you have any left?! It’s gotta be there somewhere…and you bend down to the depths of your bottom drawer…and you find it! Sure, it’s not college-ruled, like you prefer, but still, beggars can’t be choosers, right? You grin with relief, and sit back up to---and you hit your head on the drawer above you, which, since you were in such a rush (talk about excited…) to find paper, you forgot to close…then, you happily plop yourself on your full-size bed, and lean back in your plush pillows…switch on your Billy Joel: 52nd Street album…
    …and you stare.
    Has that ever happened to you? Okay, maybe the twitch is in your right hand (I’m left-handed, you see…), but I’m not alone on this, right? I’ve been suffering from lack of inspiration when it comes to my Voltron fanfiction. It’s crazy! A few months ago, I whipped out Shameless, She’s Got A Way, AND what I had written of The Entertainer…and now I’m stuck!

    Luckily, my writing frenzy is still being fed. I have my own original storyline, Ageis, which I am also currently stuck on, but I've gotten pretty far on...but I also have quite a few other stories to work on...

    But that doesn't solve the problem at hand that I originally wanted to address to all you LIKE members out there--the shortage of Lance fanfiction. It doesn't have to be Allura/Lance stories. Heavens, no! Not every LIKE member wants him to hook up! We here at LIKE have only one goal: To prove to everyone that Lance deserves every bit as much attention as Lotor and Keith! Fair enough? I think so.

    Now I know that there are fanfics being posted on the mailing list...but I would really appreciate it if you guys would make it a bit easier for me, who also has many other webpages to maintain other than this one, and it seems I can update this one more frequently than the others...if you do want to send me a story with Lance either a)starring or b)having an EXTREMELY prominent part, please do the following:

    There! That's not too hard, is it? I didn't think so! I hope you all enjoy the new updates, and I will try my best to add some more as soon as possible!


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