Obviously, this page is new. But I'll post updates on this page. ^^ Maybe I'll post a comin' soon list...

October 28th, 1999: Added new letters to the page. Check out the drawing I did of Lance and me as Team Rocket! Happy Halloween, folks!

October 26th, 1999: As you can see, we have our own server now!! YAY! Also, I fixed up all mistakes on all the pages, and added some new goodies to the Archive! Also, we now have a Kurogane Isamu Fanfic Archive all on one spiffy page! It's linked on the Royal Archive! Check it out, it's VERY lovely! August 25th, 1999: Added a spiffy image map to the noframes.html page...check it out! Also added a new fanfic, a two new fanarts!The guestbook is up and running again, thank goodness!

July 27th, 1999: I finally got a scanner! YAY! Now I can add the rest of my fanart on here...and I did! Go check out the royal archives! I also added a .wav file of Lance...in Spanish! I hope you guys enjoy! ^^

July 13th, 1999: Added a few more screen shots to the archive, and a new short story by Erinn! Keep `em comin', folks! Also, check out the new "Letter From The President!". Thanks! (Oh, and in case you haven't already...sign the guestbook!)

July 9th, 1999: FINALLY! I fixed all the links on the archive page! Now you can view all of the stories! (Now I just need some new stories to add...submissions, anyone?) Added a few of my own fanart submissions to the page! Please go check them out! Also new: A fanart of Lance with a guitar! Probably one of my favorites! It's great! I also added about five new members to the list! LIKE is growing really fast! I'm so happy! Lessee...how many are on the ML now? Thirty-six! Whew! Okay, maybe we're not HUGE, like, say, the VBeta list...but that's the charm of us Lance fans...just like our beloved Lance, we're in the background...we don't have to be "in-your-face" to know we're wrockin'! Keep it coming, Lance fans!

May 16th, 1999: Five new Lance sound files were added! Thanks to Irene for providing those! I hope they keep coming, since my of my Voltron goods were ::ahem:: eliminated...I'm also terribly stuck on just about all of my stories, including my Voltron ones...therefore...I am in deep need of some inspiration. ;.; If anyone wants to help me out with my Ally/Lance fics, please e-mail me!--Ally Oh! Also, I added about five new members as well! Just because someone subscribes to the Kurogane Mailing List, doesn't mean that you automatically become a member of LIKE! Please, if you want to join, e-mail me!

February 5th, 1999: First off, changed the "1998" on the below date to "1999". Sorry, Ally moment. ^^;; Added Nicole to the list of members. Once you think of an office, Nicole, feel free to tell me! Added Bob's fic, Moonsilk's fic, Katherine's fic, and Erinn's fics to the archive page. They're all very good, do check them out!

January 27th, 1999: Added Rachel to the list of members! Welcome to Project LIKE, Rachel! I look forward to your fanfics! I'll be adding some more Lance fanfics to here soon! ------- As you may have noticed, frames have been added to this page! (Thank you, Kristen!). If you find any broken links, pictures, sounds, stories or whatever, please tell me ASAP!

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